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Classic Kit Bag

As with the entire emJ range, The emJ Set bag has been carefully crafted by a team of beauty & textile experts. Available in an array of beautiful collections designed to suit every artistic soul, without compromising quality and durability. Each...
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Classic Luxe Brush Belt

The emJ LUXE Make-up artist brush belt is designed to keep make-up brushes neat and tidy on set as well as in travel.   Made from the highest quality faux leather on the market, handmade in Leicestershire, England.    KEY POINTS: -Top...

Classic Hair Pouch

The emJ Hair pouch is specially designed for Pro Hair stylists to store brushes, combs & styling accessories neat and tidy on set as well as in travel. Created using the highest quality faux leather and handmade in England- each product has...
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Classic Brush Pouch

The beauty queen must-have! Our super sleek emJ brush pouch is a convenient way to keep all of your precious make-up brushes and tools at their best. With 2 large brush holes, 3 small brush holes and one large pocket, the emJ brush pouch can...

Classic Make-up bag

The emJ Beauty bag has been specially designed by make-up artists to give you everything you would want in a make-up and toiletries bag.   Made with well thought through dimensions, the beauty bag is the perfect size to keep your products all...

Classic Laptop bag

Super chic with built in protection for your precious technologies, the emJ laptop bag is a natural companion for the modern day business woman — ready to take on the world.  With high attention to detail, our talented team of experts in the...